Amendments to the 2019 Rules – December 22, 2018

Enduro > Car > Section H > Added “Hulling permitted”

Enduro > Engine > Section E > Changed Carburetor Paragraph to say > Carburetor:  The REQUIRED carburetor is six hundred (600) C.F.M. or five hundred (500) C.F.M. two (2) barrel, Holley carburetor; Part number 01850, 04412, or 80457.  The choke horn and list number must remain intact.  Removal of the choke butterfly and choke assembly is permitted.  No polishing or other modifications except changing jets will be permitted.  . Carburetor spacer one piece adaptor Mr. Gasket type 0.750in. Rear jet plates with center hung floated bowls permitted.  Dual lines are ok.  Quadra jet must be OEM factory stock except for the following options:  Removal of choke plates, shaft, and choke mechanism.  Side load or front load OK.  Carburetor must pass Waycross Motor Speedway No Go Gauges.
Sections i and ii remain unchanged.

Enduro > Drive Train and Suspension > Section H > Aftermarket tubular upper A frames within stock specifications

Enduro > Drive Train and Suspension > Added Section J > Rear trailing arms must be stock length top and bottom

Enduro > Drive Train and Suspension > Added Section K > No mono ball

Enduro > Brakes > Section A > Stock type master cylinder, booster optional. Or dual master cylinder ok. No brake adjusters.  4-wheel disc brakes OK